Dynamics are what we experience when we come face to face with an outer catalyst in the form of another being who is ultimately our teacher through relationship. Through the vehicle of creative expression we will explore the nature of partner dynamics and that which makes us choose to share this life and grow together - Lauren Rudolph

Opening reception: Saturday June 9th, 7pm until 10pm
Exhibits through: July 14

Contributing Artists:
Beto & Rob Kovacs
Kristin Bowler & Spencer Tunick
Marisol Diaz & Bill Batson
Phyllis Dodge & James Dodge
Melissa Lovstrom & Jamey Jackson
Suzette Marie Martin & J Alexander Baker
Lauren Rudolph & Jay Schick
Susan Strange & Joe Le Blanc
Donna Davies Timm & Bob Timm
Sona Viola & Rob Viola
Ray Wright in the memory of his late wife Barbara.

Co-curators: Lauren Rudolph & Kristin Bowler