Jamey Jackson, Curator

In this time of transition, what is the identity of the contemporary male artist? How does this narrative fit into the shifting societal landscape? Antiquated gender expectations have
destabilized; clichés and stereotypes are being questioned; awareness and diversity are progressing.

Volition Gallery presents a provocative exhibition of eleven male artists telling personal stories about breaking the boundaries of gender roles and dispelling toxic societal narratives. In a moment when women are coming forward to tell their own accounts of abuse, this exhibition offers a different facet of the conversation.

How do we acknowledge these powerful accounts of trauma without erasing the stories of others? By opening up this dialogue, the works in this show aim to reveal the personal and vulnerable reactions that these male artists have experienced in their own lives. The artists come from a multitude of backgrounds and experiences and the artwork reflects this diversity while being united in its deeply human and personal stories.

Unmasked is an attempt to remove the hateful narrative that all men are toxic in their masculinity and asks: What is a “good” man in today’s landscape? And what are these “good” men telling us in their artwork?

Participating Artists:

James Dodge
Art Gunther
Jamey Jackson
Mher Khachatryan
Chris Machin
Jim Shaughnessy
Al Thompson
Rich Vallejos
Marc Weiss
Dan White

Refreshments and light fare

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