Guilty Pleasures: 120
LYNN Stein, Curator

120th anniversary celebration

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Consider “this” call for submissions permission to stop for just a moment and consider only “you.” Many of us can agree that turning on any social media, television, radio, etc. is an anxiety-provoking proposition. This year at Bell Ans’ V°LITION Gallery we want to give you a moment of pure fun and some well deserved self-indulgence.

"Guilty Pleasures: 120" massages our cerebral feel-good centers as we pull down the shades, close the door, binge fearlessly on the couch, or open the refrigerator almost completely without judgment. That’s where the guilt comes in.

Cheese Doodles, the Carpenters, romance novels, buying stuff on QVC, glitter on stuff, doll collecting, potato chips in bed…… actually any kind of food in bed, cat videos, video games, ahh sweet NETFLIX bingeing etc. Is any of this good for us?  Not really but that's the point!

Details on how we play:
Submission deadline by July 1, 2017
Submission fee: $15 , please use PAYPAL VOLITIONgallery@gmail.com and indicate GP:120
Please email TWO pieces, include media, size, and title to GP120ex@gmail.com
In the subject line of your email include “GP: 120"
Artist bio in a narrative format and brief artist’s statement will be requested upon acceptance.
Size: 38” maximum in any direction. Kindly refrain for requesting exceptions.
The delivery and return of the artwork is the sole responsibility of the artist. Insurance is also the responsibility of the artist.
Original Wall Art ( not accepting prints of original art )

Drop off art on August 1st, between 3pm and 7pm. Artwork pickup on September 10th, between 1pm to 4pm.

Gallery commission, 30 percent. Artist assumes credit card fee purchases.



Lisa D'amico, Curator

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