V°lition GALLERY & creative space

Gallery hours: Saturday & Sunday 2-4 pm& By Appointment email volitiongallery@gmail.com

At the end of 19th century, the zeitgeist was filled with the excitement of the Industrial Revolution, the intellectual curiosity of Transcendentalism and the self-confidence of the American Renaissance. Today, at the beginning of the 21st century, we are once again standing on the precipice of great change.

Welcome to V°LITION GALLERY & Creative Space. Where the legacy of industrial imagination morphs into artistic expression. A space where art is born. A space where artists live, work, play and retreat. A space where the combustion of creativity and inspiration reveals a lasting chemistry between creator and community. A space where imagination is shared. A space like no other place.


V°LITION was established by Phyllis Dodge, an art enthusiast and wife of an artist, James Dodge. Phyllis’ dream was to create a space where art and community, music and poetry, pop up galleries, community gatherings, art classes and more can be shared and appreciated. 

V°LITION Gallery —located in the light-filled historic charm of the Bell-ans Center of Creative Arts / Orangeburg NY—welcomes events such as art exhibits, performance arts, spiritual arts, educational lectures, private and community events. We welcome photography and film shoots.





V°LITION gallery space available

Be inspired. Express yourself.

V°LITION event space available for daily and monthly rentals. A multi- purpose event space for art exhibits, performances, educational speakers, workshops, spiritual arts, private and community oriented events.

To showcase your event, please contact Phyllis Dodge.